Our Mission is to provide sustainable and ethical top quality goods for people who care about the planet and all life on it.

Our Process

We make every effort to care for the environment and minimize or eliminate waste in our production process. We also seek out options that are best for your health and for the well being of all those we employ in the process. There is still room for improvement, we are constantly seeking out how to better achieve greater sustainability, and we are proud to share our process with you from start to finish.



With over 15 years of experience in fashion design and product development, Katina Gad puts her heart and soul plus skill and craft into the garments she designs and produces. Her mother’s family immigrated to the U.S. from Syria, and her grandmother worked as a dressmaker to help support the family. Sewing and fitting women’s bodies was a craft Katina started learning at a very young age, and she began making and selling clothing through local retail stores as a teenager.

While attending FIDM in Los Angeles, CA, she developed her technical knowledge about fashion design and patternmaking, and later on while attending the College of Textiles at NCSU she gained a deeper understanding of retail and supply chain management.

Lingerie has long been a passion of Katina’s, and she has been working to develop the just right fit for years. She views constant improvements and innovation as one of the most important job functions of a designer, and in recent years she has taught herself how to develop apparel to fit full figured bodies.

Her desire to build this business using the most ethical and environmentally safe processes and raw materials could be seen as a challenge to most people, but this is the opposite of how she views it. With a lifelong passion for social, environmental, and economic justice, and a commitment to women's empowerment, developing an ethical, feminist, and eco-friendly supply chain was always her end goal. Being able to build a business around these ethos while making high quality, modern classic pieces has been one of the biggest rewards of the job.